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Crescent City gates collection - pin #2 - the Mortal gate - OFFICIALLY LICENSED

Crescent City gates collection - pin #2 - the Mortal gate - OFFICIALLY LICENSED

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Jutting out of the quartz about four feet off the ground lay the dial pad: a solid-gold block embedded with seven different gems, each for a different quarter of the city, the insignia of each district etched beneath it. Emerald and a rose for Five Roses. Opal and a pair of wings for the CBD. Ruby and a heart for the Old Square. Sapphire and an oak tree for Moonwood. Amethyst and a human hand for Asphodel Meadows. Tiger’s-eye and a serpent for the Meat Market. And onyx—so black it gobbled the light—and a set of skull and crossbones for the Bone Quarter. Beneath the arc of stones and etched emblems, a small, round disk rose up slightly, its metal worn down by countless hands and paws and fins and any other manner of limb. A sign beside it read: Touch at your own risk. Do not use between sundown and sunrise. Violators will be fined. The people in line, waiting for access to the disk, seemed to have no problem with the risks.

This is the second pin in our CRESCENT CITY GATES PIN COLLECTION 




Made in collaboration with @theenamellibrary


A new pin in this series will be released every 2/3 months - please keep an eye on our Instagram for future updates 

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