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USA & Canada listing - Lost library Pin collection - pin #7 - Nevernight with footnotes



Mercurio raised an eyebrow, cigarillo still smouldering at his lips as he examined the tome. It was bound in leather, black as a truedark sky. The edges of the pages were stained blood-red, and a crow in flight was embossed in glossy black on the cover. He opened the book, looked down to the first page. ‘Nevernight,’ he muttered. ‘Stupid name for a book.’ ‘Makes for interesting reading,’ Aelius said. Mercurio opened the book to the prologue, rheumy eyes scanning the text. CAVEAT EMPTOR People often shit themselves when they die. Their muscles slack and their souls flutter free and everything else just … slips out. For all their audience’s love of death, the playwrights seldom— Mercurio flipped through a few more pages, softly scoffing. ‘It has footnotes? What kind of wanker writes a novel with footnotes?’ - Darkdawn


This is the Seventh pin in our LOST LIBRARY PIN COLLECTION 

Pin #7 is based on the Nevernight Chronicles 

Made in collaboration with @mandrakeofthemonth 


A new pin in this series will be released every 2/3 months - please keep an eye on our instagram for future updates 


Listing photo is a digital mock up - final product will be as accurate as possible to this mock-up 


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