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AUS & NZ listing - Lost library pin collection - pin #4 - OFFICIALLY LICENSED

AUS & NZ listing - Lost library pin collection - pin #4 - OFFICIALLY LICENSED

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Z wliczonym podatkiem. Koszt wysyłki obliczony przy realizacji zakupu.

Nesta was still sweating and breathing hard when she stumbled into her room and found a book on the nightstand. She raised a brow at the title. “This isn’t your usual sort of romance,” she said to the room. It wasn’t a romance at all. It was an old bound manuscript called The Dance of Battle. Nesta said, “You can take this one back, thank you.” The last thing she wanted to read at night was some dreary old text about war strategy. The House did no such thing, and Nesta sighed and picked up the manuscript, the black leather binding so age-worn it was butter soft. A familiar smell drifted to her from the pages. “You didn’t leave this for me, did you?” The House replied by plopping down a stack of romances, as if to say, This is what I would have chosen. Nesta peered at the manuscript, full of Cassian’s scent, as if he’d read it a thousand times. He’d left it for her. Deemed her worthy of whatever lay inside. Nesta perched on the edge of the bed and thumbed open the text.

This is the fourth pin in our LOST LIBRARY PIN COLLECTION 


Made in collaboration with @theenamellibrary 


A new pin in this series will be released every 2/3 months - please keep an eye on our instagram for future updates 


Listing photo is a digital mock up - final product will be as accurate as possible to this mock-up 


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