To Know Art, Is To Love Art

The world of art can seem intimidating and inaccessible. So many different styles, and genres, and artists, figuring out where to start can seem daunting.
But we’ve got you. Let’s go exploring together!

The idea of this print shop was originally just an excuse to commission art for my favourite books ;) It turned into A Touch of Magic Designs when so many of you loved the idea of getting to see your favourite characters come to life, as well as the opportunity to support so many talented artists.

We started this little dream in 2020, and in a short amount of time that dream has become a reality. Every day I am grateful for those of you that continue to support this little business. Every single person that has purchased even one piece, used our prints as props in your Instagrams, recommended our store, and messaged or commented about your love for the art: it’s what keeps us thriving.

The team of incredible artists and I love creating your next favourite piece, and we will continue to make magic happen for as long as we possibly can.