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Malakim Teir - Dreaming of Lunathion Merch Box - OFFICIALLY LICENSED


This box is ABSOLUTELY stacked full of officially licensed items based on the world of CRESCENT CITY - i wanted this box to feel like you visited Lunathion yourself and these items are what you pulled straight off the pages - so many of these items have a Replica feel and everything included is top teir quality with immaculate details 


With these boxes taking over a year to develop and curate, we do have very limited numbers of what we could do without taking pre-orders - once these sell out there will be no more, so make sure to be ready when they drop - Fans of SJM wont want to miss this 🙈 i really dont think we will do a box this massive again it really took on a life of its own and i cant wait to see your reactions when they arrive 


So what's included???

Malakim tier
11 premium Art prints
Bookmark set
5 set of shelfies
Beautiful Enamel pin with pearl and glitter details


Our INSANE list of INCREDIBLE artists who contributed to our premium print set - which is all brand new and exclusive to this box!













This item is estimated to ship in Aprox 4 weeks time from sale 



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