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USA & Canada listing - Lost library pin collection - pin #5 - Earth the Power of growth - OFFICIALLY LICENSED


I crept through the expansive library, slipping into Row Epsilon under the glow of the large spherical lamp which hung from the ceiling. I checked the name of the book on my palm then ran my hand along the shelf as I searched for it. Not a wisp of dust coated my fingers when I took them away and I wondered if there was some magical janitor roaming the halls of Zodiac Academy or if it was all just enchanted to remain immaculate. My gaze landed on a dark green, leather-bound book with golden lettering on the spine: Earth: The Power of Growth. My stomach swooped as I tugged it from the shelf and flipped it open. I ran my eyes down the contents page, hunting for what I needed.

I read a few pages of introductory text then scanned the list of ingredients. It wasn't long, just three items. But I had no idea where I'd find them. 3 Flakes of Dried Pepper Bark. 8 Scrapings of Mother of Pearl. A Two Inch Yellow Crystal.


This is the fifth pin in our LOST LIBRARY PIN COLLECTION 

Pin #5 is OFFICIALLY LICENSED MERCHANDISE based on Zodiac Academy 

Made in collaboration with @mandrakeofthemonth 


A new pin in this series will be released every 2/3 months - please keep an eye on our instagram for future updates 


Listing photo is a digital mock up - final product will be as accurate as possible to this mock-up 


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